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Melatonin is a powerful as well as a versatile antioxidant which is produced in the is a hormone made by the pineal gland which is located in the brain and it helps in maintain ones sleep as well as waking cycles. Among the many Melatonin Benefits is that Melatonin helps both lipids and also proteins against being damaged. It can also eliminate some of the most harmful free radicals which are present I the body. Unlike all the other antioxidant, melatonin easily diffuses in all the body cells and can even cross the blood brain barrier to help in protecting the brain. Melatonin supplements aid the old age individual sin improving their antioxidant protection against some of the popular diseases which our due to old age. This article will provide you with some of the most common benefits of melatonin.

The first benefit is that melatonin is used in fighting a wide variety of cancers such as breast cancer, liver cancer as well as lung cancer. Melatonin also help In reducing the effect of chemotherapy treatment. Melatonin supplements have helped in reducing death risks by at least thirty four percent irrespective of the kind of cancer fort the dosage of melatonin taken. In addition, there were no reports of adverse effects for the intake of melatonin. 

The second Melatonin Benefit is that it helps in preventing migraines. A study which have been considered by scientist have shown that individuals suffering migraine can be able to decrease the severity as well as the frequency of their headaches by use of melatonin. Melatonin helps in reducing the number of headaches experienced in a month as well as the intensity and duration of the headache. It is believed that melatonin has an anti-inflammatory effect as well as antioxidant effects contributes to relieving the headache in people with migraine. 

When taken in the appropriate dieses, melatonin have helped to improve sleep in patients whereby their internal organs get to rest. Enhanced sleep is evident to the melatonin users if they use it at the right time and take the right deses. It also helps in treatment as well as prevention of cardiovascular disease and also diabetes. Researched have observed significant ease of the signs caused by the diseases if patients took regular doses of melatonin. 

Melatonin's also helps in waling in sluggish thyroid. In old age women, the thyroid gland fails to produce adequate hormones which can result in some issues such as obesity and heart disease. Melatonin can be used in correcting this.
The Benefits of Melatonin